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Growing your bottom line will be our biggest concern. During our first meeting, we'll explore where you want to be in the next 3, 6, and 12 months. Setting realistic and measurable goals will put us in a better position to grow together. We take this process very seriously because it has proven to work time and time again.

Once the process starts, we'll create a simple yet extremely powerful game plan to take you to your first target. This 3-month target is where we carefully examine and subsequently tweak your campaign to ensure optimum results. By now, you'll be feeling the effects of increased visibility and traffic on your website leading to more conversions.

Now, we focus on our next target. Strong data and months of consistent SEO and pay-per-click success start to positively influence your campaign with exponential growth and even greater conversions. It's exponential at this point because our strategies for growth are absolutely safe, effective, and long-lasting. We take the more cumbersome road less traveled to grow our client sites because we understand the benefits of legitimately growing our clients' sites.

Clients generally find the 12-month mark as an evaluation point to either reinvest their growth into more advertising or simply maintain with a less aggressive monthly campaign.

We are Experts in SEO and Digital Markering

Brand Presence + Visibility

You want your brand to be visible on as many relevant platforms as possible. Our experts will work closely with you to open and establish your brand's accounts as an authority in your field, increasing your visibility and presence online.

Web Development + Design

Your website must be as beautiful as it is functional. When we work with client websites, we make sure to create a great user experience while providing search engines the content needed to outrank your competition.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

You love your website, but is it getting the attention your business needs to be as profitable as possible? Our experts will improve your rank in search engines like Google and Bing so you could generate more traffic to your website.

Facebook Marketing

New brands need exposure in order to grow. We'll work closely with you to create, test and optimize ads on facebook that will increase your exposure and improve your traffic, growing your brand's recognition and traffic.

Google Marketing

You need customers to find your products and services when they search online. Our experts will study your market and create a powerful, scalable strategy to increase the amount of people visiting your site and interacting/buying your products and services.

Lead Generation

If you simply need more leads to ensure your brand continues to steadily grow, then a lead generation strategy might be your best option. Together we'll identify the right lead-gen strategy for you and grow your reach geographically.

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About Us

Wite Marketing started 8 years ago as a way to help our personal businesses grow in revenue and impact. We knew the power of social media and the web so we moved to promote as much as we could online.

Humberto Casanova, our founder and President, had a vision: help people's businesses grow, do it the right way, with powerful, proven techniques, and watch our business grow as well. The name comes from our philosophy that using legitimate SEO strategies, also called "whitehat", would ultimately result in stronger and more permanent long-term online visibility.

We started with Facebook and Google ads marketing, taking our tiny brands and putting them in front of countless new people every single day. This was just the beginning for us and it was exciting. From there we grew to provide complete, comprehensive campaigns that include SEO, brand development, and pay-per-click ads.

At first, it was just a small non-profit with massive goals. That quickly grew. Soon we were helping DirecTV dealers and online retail stores like JUUgo and Main Street Press grow their presence and push their sales. Today we work with national and local companies that are needing to expand and grow their revenue.

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